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06.07.2011 譚偉豪議員動議的「研究成立創新及科技局」議案全文 (中文 / ENG) Print
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“面對全球經濟新挑戰,經濟網絡化已成為必然趨勢,而創新及科技亦成為很多國家的新發展策略,所以,香港在繼續發展傳統產業的同時, 必須重新制訂可持續的經濟發展策略, 藉着發展包括創新及科技在內的新產業, 進一步提升香港的競爭力;根據一項有關互聯網如何帶動香港經濟轉型的研究結果,2009年,香港網絡經濟總值已接近1,000億港元,佔本地生產總值的5.9%,預計網絡經濟未來仍會持續增長,增幅比整體本地生產總值的增長還要高,可見網絡經濟將有助提升香港與鄰近國家和城市之間的競爭力,甚至成為帶動香港經濟進步發展的重要一環; 要令網絡經濟得以迅速和持續發展, 政府的參與和政策配合是其中必不可少的關鍵元素; 就此, 本會促請政府:


() 積極研究成立創新及科技局,專責統籌和制訂本港創新及科技發展的整體策略,以展示政府推動創新及科技發展的決心和承擔, 提升香港在此方面的國際地位;


() 提供包括土地及稅務等優惠政策, 以吸引更多海內外企業,尤其是大型科技企業,來港發展,甚至在港設立總部,從而為香港的網絡經濟帶來新動力,創造更多就業機會;


() 為本地大學及科研機構提供足夠資源,並配合相關政策,為發展創新及科技培訓更多人才,推動大學科研項目產品化;隨着海內外大型企業來港發展,增加與本地人才交流的機會, 以提升本地人才的技術、素質及視野;


() 爭取社會及市民對香港發展創新及科技的認同,為推動創新及科技、促進網絡經濟發展,營造全民支持的氣氛和文化環境。”


資料來源:(頁面編號9797- 9798 




Dr Samson TAM moved the following motion: (Translation)


"That in the face of the new challenges of the global economy, the development of an Internet-based economy is already an inevitable trend, and innovation and technology have also become a new development strategy of many countries, therefore, Hong Kong, while continuing to develop traditional industries, must formulate afresh a sustainable economic development strategy, so that through the development of new industries including innovation and technology, Hong Kong's competitiveness can be further upgraded; according to the findings of a survey on 'How the Internet is transforming Hong Kong's economy', in 2009, the total value of Hong Kong's Internet economy was already close to HK$100 billion, representing 5.9% of the Gross Domestic Product ('GDP'), and it is expected that the Internet economy will continue to grow in the future at a rate even higher than the overall GDP growth rate, showing that the Internet economy will help upgrade Hong Kong's competitiveness vis-à-vis its neighbouring countries and cities, and will even become an important segment that can drive Hong Kong's economic progress and development; in order to facilitate the rapid and sustainable development of the Internet economy, the Government's participation and policy support are indispensable key elements; in this connection, this Council urges the Government to:


(a) proactively study the establishment of an innovation and technology bureau specially tasked to co-ordinate and formulate Hong Kong's overall strategy of developing innovation and technology, so as to manifest the Government's determination and commitment in promoting the development of innovation and technology, and upgrade Hong Kong's international status in this respect;


(b) provide preferential policies including land and taxation concessions, etc., to attract more enterprises on the Mainland and overseas, especially large technological enterprises, to come to Hong Kong for development or even set up headquarters in Hong Kong, so as to bring fresh impetus to Hong Kong's Internet economy and create more employment opportunities;


(c) provide local universities and technological research institutes with sufficient resources, and to tie in the relevant policies, so as to train more talents for developing innovation and technology, and promote the productization of university technological research projects; with the large enterprises from the Mainland and overseas coming to develop in Hong Kong, increase the opportunities for their exchanges with local talents, so as to upgrade the skills, quality and visions of local talents; and


(d) strive for social and public recognition of developing innovation and technology in Hong Kong, so as to create an atmosphere and cultural environment of universal support for promoting innovation and technology and fostering the development of the Internet economy."


Source: Pages numbered 13796-13797 




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