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Working Report (2012 Jun) - ENG Print

  Working Report of
Legislative Councilor Samson Tam Wai Ho
(Information Technology)
(June 2012)




I.  Focus Updates

1.   Final stage of Government re-organization, express your view now



The Government re-organisation is moving to the final stage. I attended many LegCo meetings and received opinions expressed by more than one hundred groups. What is your view towards the new Government secretariats arrangement? Do you think we should pass the re-organisation plan as soon as possible? Many friends of our industry welcome the new plan, in particular the establishment of the Technology and Communications Bureau and a newly added Deputy Financial Secretary who is responsible for the industrial policy. I believe all of these will be beneficial to the new industry development in Hong Kong. During the final stage discussion, I hope to collect more opinions from you and help me to understand your views on the new Government organization.


2.   Held the forum of “I want to be the Secretary for the Technology and Communications Bureau”

匯聚民間智慧 「我要做局長」論壇系列


How can the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong benefit the IT industry, especially support the SMEs by establishing the Technology and Communications Bureau as he promised when he was elected the CE of Hong Kong? For this reason, I organized a series of forums like “I want to be the Secretary for the Technology and Communications Bureau” in the Science Park and the “Technology Policy Forum” co-organized with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I will continue to organize the relevant forums in order to aggregate collective wisdom and relay our views to the new CE.


3.   Should the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 be passed as soon as possible? Discrepancies arise in our community 



In mid June, some groups of the copyright industry appealed to the Government on further amending the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 for ensuring parody has the exemption of criminal liability. I welcome this suggestion and believe this is aspirations from the majority of the public. However, there is still a lot of people worry that hasty legislation comes with missing details and narrows the online freedom of speech and creation space. Therefore, I urged the Government to immediately initiate a consultation of fully exemption on the Re-Creation. Eventually, the Government announced in late June that the second reading debate of the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2011 will not resume during this term of the Legislative Council.


4.   Met with the Education Bureau to discuss on e-textbook market development scheme



Together with some representatives from ICT professional bodies, I met with the Deputy Secretary for Education, Dr. Catherine Chan to discuss on e-textbook market development scheme and also exchanged views on e-teaching and learning in Hong Kong. The participants expressed their concerns on the issues such as e-book standard, copyright, monopoly and restriction of application. They hope the Government will put those issues in consideration when implementing the e-textbook market development scheme.


5.   The Government should explain the approval progress of application processing for domestic free TV program service licences



At the ITB panel in June, members discussed the e-Government development and application processing for domestic free TV program service licences. Regarding the free TV program service licences, I raised my questions at both LegCo meeting and panel meeting that hoping the Government to update the progress of free TV service licences approval as soon as possible; to explain why the Government has not announced issuance of new licences yet and whether this issue was ever discussed at the Executive Council meeting. While the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Mr. Gregory So refused to explain the approval progress due to the principle of confidentiality of the Executive Council.


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